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Morph layers

Posted by dbn on Sat Dec 29, 12:45 AM · 0 Comments · Reply

Hey all,

I''ve been working off and on with this nice long Holiday. I''ve added a new action in the action menu. You can now change the layer of the block that you place. Hopefully this can fix that bug where you were seeing different renderings of the blocks, sometimes one would be on top of the other and then another time the other one would be on top of it. All blocks start at level 0 and can go to 9999

With adding the layer I added a sub menu so now the info uses the sub menu and not the alert. I''''ve also fixed the date so it return the correct date.

I also made it so you can see when some one else click on a block. I''m not sure if this is 100% done yet but there is a good enough amount of it that I''ve added it to the live build.

These are just a few of the updates that I''ve done. I''ve got some other stuff in the works, like added more objects that you can place. I''m still decided on the backend or long term storage so that when the server restarts we dint lose everything. I think I''ve picked a database but still waiting till I get a good idea of what this data is going to look like.

If you had idea for the database or just anything for this game let me know.

Morph action menu

Posted by dbn on Thu Dec 20, 09:29 PM · 0 Comments · Reply


I really seem to like making this game. Hopefully I keep these updates coming. As of right now this game is just hosted on a box at my home. So there isnt 100% update. However I try to get it for you all.

Anyways here are some updates that I''''ve done, your always welcome to check out the git hub page https://github.com/freshie/node-ws-morph/commits/master

I''''ve update the tool bar to have a new look. It got a responsive design scroller, so pretty much no matter what size of screen you have you can get all the content.

So the whole game is mobile friendly, I posted about that before but it wasn''''t as nice. There is still some stuff I''''d like to get done, just haven''''t yet.

The big part is the action menu. Now when you click on an object that is already placed. You''''ll get the action menu for that object. Right now this action menu just gives you basic info about the object, when it was created, and it lets you delete.

Well thats it for now i''''ll keep the updates coming. Let me know if there anything you think I should add to that game.

Mobile Morph

Posted by dbn on Tue Dec 18, 12:05 AM · 0 Comments · Reply

A little update,

I got morph working for mobile browsers.

I fixed a few things too. the map can now be moved.

So i didn''''t say this last time but the cool thing about web sockets, morph is using them, Is that when other people are connect to the server they can see what your changing. So this games get more fun when more people are using it.

Anyways if I''''ve got time i''''ll try to add a way to remove blocks.


right now there is no long term storage for this stuff so it gets refreshed when ever i restart the server. I''ll have to add that in sometime too.


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